Monday, August 4, 2008

Don’t Rely On Your Job For Personal Happiness

Many people become overwhelmed by the search for the perfect job. And who can blame them? In life we constantly search for perfects: perfect car, perfect house, perfect mate, perfect job. But so often in our searching we forget where we started and why we were looking in the first place.

The perfect job is as aloof from us as any sort of “perfection” in life. There will always be problems with your job (and your life). An annoying co-worker, repetitive work, and bad bosses are in every job no matter where you work. Even if you find a job without these, it may only be until some new co-workers walk through the door or a boss gives you some new responsibilities until they surface.

But stop searching for the perfect job! Because your probably not searching for a great job, but a great you. I think people who are constantly looking for the perfect job aren’t sure of who they are or what they want out of life. Before you can be satisfied at work, you have to be satisfied with yourself.

So before you begin the job search, figure out what makes you happy. What do you enjoy to do? What type of lifestyle do you want? What are kind of people you want to surround yourself with? These are the most important career questions you need to answer. You can’t even think about looking for a job if you can’t answer these basic questions.

Once you become satisfied with yourself, you quickly realize how thousands of jobs could make you happy. In the end, jobs are jobs. You show up and do the best you can. But what you come home to at night are the really important things: your home, your life, your family. And after retirement, when your career is just a soft whisper in the back of your head, you’ll quickly realize how foolish it was to waste your time in search of the perfect job.

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